Web Design In Idaho: How Much & What's Included

Selecting the right web designer for your website project can seem like a daunting task you don't really have time for. These few pointers will give you some price guidelines and help you know what to look for.

Local Web Designer vs. Big Box Design Firm

Quite often I see small businesses paying “Big Box” web and marketing agencies to create and market a website with little return on investment. The websites produced are often basic sites with no real design appeal, and furthermore, the businesses are shelling out several hundred dollars a month to these agencies for online advertising that is generating little revenue.

Avoid this mistake, best results often come from a local, professional designer or web design firm with a portfolio that has proven success.

How To Select The Right Web Designer For Your Project

Your website needs to do these three things:

#1. Rank in page one search results because 93% of consumers never click to page two.

#2. Compel prospects to click on it with page titles and descriptions that grab attention in search results.

#3. Engage visitors with professional marketing messages that cause them call or connect with you.

The deciding factor in who you hire should be on how well they make those three things happen. What good is a gorgeous website that nobody finds because it doesn't rank?... It certainly won't bring your business any success.

This means your web designer must understand website search engine optimization AND how to promote it online - ask prospective designers what search engine optimization strategies they will be implementing on your site and how they can help you promote it. If there seems to be uncertainty about how this will be done, take your money elsewhere because you can't afford to waste it.

What's Not Included In A Web Design Will Make Or Break Your Business

A successful website is comprised of several components such as images, text content, etc., that not all designers or firms include. Professional and compelling text content is one of the single most important components to any website, however, there are many designers and design firms who require you (the client) to provide it.

The reason is simple: it takes a lot of time to write compelling text content. Professional text content requires market research, analyzes search terms that search engines will look for, and converts your visitors into customers by calling them to action.

Great text content is one the keys to high ranking and good sales - make sure you know who's providing it (pssst... I write all the text content for most of my clients' websites).

How Much Should It Cost? Avoid The Website Price Mistake

Last but not least is the question of how much should you pay for a good website. For most small businesses in Idaho, a four to five page website is adequete, but how much should it cost?

Complete with professional images, proper search engine optimization, and compelling text content you should budget $2,400.00-$2,800.00. If you add a basic blog that matches the website, add another $600 to that.

Full Service Web Design & Online Marketing You Can Trust

As an independent web design and marketing professional, I provide hassle free, full service website design services that include everything your website will need to succeed. I also provide online marketing packages to companies to help them outrank and dominate their competition.

Call or connect with me today for a free consultation.

Until next time!

Nathan Hill is professional web design and marketing expert.

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(208) 629-7204
Nathan Hill
Idaho Web Design & Marketing Expert
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