New Responsive Website Makes A Struggling Idaho Business Boom

"Nate: I just wanted to let you know that I noticed the other day my web page is coming up on page one of Google... And my phone is ringing off the wall, in fact, yesterday I had to just let it go to voice mail, I was tired of talking on it..."

That unsolicited comment was emailed to me recently by a client whose website I just redesigned. See their new site here.

What was business like before the new website design?

This client called me in sort of a mode of desperation, business was slow and making ends meet was hard, could a better website help? “How many calls are you getting off your website now?”, I asked. The answer: one or two a year.

At a glance you would have thought their existing website looked ok, but after ten years in business serving Southern Idaho and the Boise area, my client's Private Investigation firm simply wasn't getting found. The problem: while it looked nice, their existing website wasn't built to be found by search engines or to compel visitors to connect.

How the new website made their phone ring...

#1. It's Designed to be found and favored by search engines. Unlike their existing site, I made my client's new site to communicate its content to the search engines so that it would see their site as an authoritative resource in their industry and favor it in search results.

#2. It communicates a clear message that compels visitors to connect. I designed my client's new website to clearly communicate and compel visitors to pick up the phone and call. A website has the first eight seconds to convince any visitor that your company is what they're looking for, or they will hit the 'back' button and move on. This means that clear, concise communication is equally as important as getting found.

#3. It's responsive design captures the mobile market. My client's old site was made for desktop viewing only, and didn't accommodate their mobile consumer base. The new site is responsive so that it nicely adapts to the device screen it's being viewed on, capturing the mobile market. With more consumers browsing the internet from tablets and phones than from PC's, it's imperative that any website be built to respond or adapt to the device screen it's being viewed on.

Full Service Web Design & Online Marketing

I provide full service web design that includes complete text content writing from a marketing perspective, professional graphics and images, and search engine optimization. Based in Boise, I serve businesses throughout both Southern Idaho and the US. I love helping businesses get to the top of their market and can be reached by phone or email.

Till next time!

Nathan Hill is a professional web design & marketing expert based in Boise, Idaho.

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(208) 629-7204
Nathan Hill
Idaho Web Design & Marketing Expert
Steadfast Private Investigations provides full service investigations for child custody, infidelity, auto accidents, and felony crimes throughout Idaho.
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